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      Selling Blocks

      if you want to earn money use chest shop or /jobs
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      Staff approvals Earth

      blue @kiki124 also neither
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      @ItsSverr Go to home and go down to moderation and click on staff apllication then create thread...

      @ItsSverr Go to home and go down to moderation and click on staff apllication then create thread and use the format you see on top (That Fawks made)
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      Suggestion - New Rank

      when you did /rank before the reset you could see another rank higher then alpha i don't remember the name anymore but ye Also /vanish is a staff command /top would be cool (it teleports you to the upper block) in /ranks it says alpha's have acces to /addlore but we don't so that could be good
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      Staff approvals Earth

      what abt 0oga and his farm
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      a lil crate stats tweak

      They wont do armor since it messes with the normal textures for example with the chainmail and netherite they had to mess up an armor piece to make it work. But ye sure the idea is fine
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      Staff approvals Earth

      LoadingWalk LoadingWalk7391#9597 What does it take to get a staff approval on a pwarp/pw since the only one I know of that got one is XPemeralds and Bannershop on red and that I know off none on blue
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      QOL suggestion

      4. personally i think the character is enough and im aware that people are gonna use it for disavantage and spam 10. also tinted glass D:
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      QOL suggestion

      he just does that somehow look at the others also they be crazy the he got staff rejected
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      Schematic mod

      Bnuyyb0y I don't really understand the point of this because were allowed to use the litematica mod on the server that your using
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      Crates Rewards Rework

      But what about the new players?
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      It was through discord
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      archiving the map

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      Do suggestions get added?????? Bc like before reset yall added some suggestions
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      some of my bans

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      really good suggestion

      Wad did cardrac do
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      staff age restriction

      But yal can't readd
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      Fishing Totems

      LoadingWalk LoadingWalk7391#9597 For fishing Bring back the fishing totems, they were in skyblock why not here?
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      staff age restriction

      You don't know what 1y olds are capable of
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