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    1. Darkstar2508

      problem with discord and chat

      Notifications can be muted by each user. Suggestion Denied
    2. Darkstar2508

      archiving the map

      For players that want to save their builds at the end of a season, they are able to use a world downloader - when told it's allowed. Thread Locked
    3. Darkstar2508

      /lore re-addition

      Lore wont be re-added as there is too much abuse that takes place as a result of its addition. Thread Locked
    4. Darkstar2508

      make it so u can do /pw to open the pwarp menu

      This suggestion has been added.
    5. Darkstar2508

      a command where u can see how much flight time u have left

      This command already exists. /tlfy time Thread Closed
    6. Darkstar2508

      staff age restriction

      The limit is put in place for various different reasons, and at this time won't be changed. Suggestion Denied
    7. Darkstar2508

      Official EnchantMC | Earth Survival Information

      EnchantMC | Survival Guides This guide is meant to supply players with enough information about our Earth Survival for players to get started on our server! If you feel like there's information missing or require further help, please reach out to us on Discord. CONNECTING TO ENCHANTMC You can...
    8. Darkstar2508

      Official EnchantMC Official Vanilla Rules & Mods

      The official rules of the server can be viewed below. Rules are necessary for Enchant Vanilla in order to provide the best experience possible for our players and to allow for a safe and fun environment. Staff are able to punish at their own discretion as needed in certain situations. If you...