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    1. The_Imposter69


      @Darkstar2508 Um i can still join on my main account, yall should probably fix that lmao
    2. The_Imposter69

      Favorite thing about the server

      my fav thing is that im blacklisted
    3. The_Imposter69

      some of my bans

      cheibi said as soon as we get it we need to burn it
    4. The_Imposter69

      some of my bans

      idfk even
    5. The_Imposter69

      some of my bans

      this is just a few of them...
    6. The_Imposter69

      staff age restriction

      my one year old brother can bang his head on a keybord and cut it open and have to get stiches so ima go apply him for the staff team Hope You Make It Little Bro
    7. The_Imposter69

      really good suggestion

      my suggestion is for staff to ban cardrac "Im Banned From Both CyborgMC And EnchantMC Discord So I Cant Make A Ticket On There"