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  • Player sign shops


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    What is your IGN?

    What is your Discord?
    Spycy#2923 (This suggestion was mentioned by g0d_PvP#6953 in discord, but I know about it as well).

    Where is your suggestion aimed?
    My suggestion is aimed toward helping the player economy

    What is your suggestion?
    My suggestion would be to implement player sign shops. Sign shops can be put on chests that contain the item the player wants to sell. By clicking on the sign, players would be able to buy the item without needing the owner to be online for them to make money. In order to prevent scamming, a pop-up shown in chat or on the screen can appear to allow for the buyer's confirmation. Sign shops are more beneficial than /gts as it allows the player to sell up to a double chest of items as compared to only being able to sell 5 total stacks in /gts.

    Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us?
    Though I do not have any pictures of the sign shop, this suggestion is similar to the InvadedLands server made by Skeppy which was quite popular around 2019 but now it's a ghost town lol. InvadedLands had sign shops and the signs included text such as name of seller, Minecraft item, price, then amount.