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  • Legendary Shrines in Spawn


    New member
    • What is your IGN? Gaely
    • What is your Discord (ex. Fawks#0001)? Gaely#0988
    • Where is your suggestion aimed? General Play
    • What is your suggestion? We have all these people price gating shrines (I have the ones I claimed up for free use) but we could just avoid this all together if the admins made legendary shrines in the spawn and made a lockable room for each shrine (much like the fossil rooms) if you wanna be super careful. Otherwise just make an area like the picture below.

      I love the server, but I am SO sick of people charging to use shrines and just the fighting in general. A close friend got called 'poor' earlier over it, so this needs to stop!

    • Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us?