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    you should have a command where we can see when did the legendary spawned, where its spawned, and if it's gone or still there if you get what i mean i mean personally it would be easier for us


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    There are ways to know certain things from this recommendation. Just know the plugin is only buggy in the overworld. Any legends that spawn in Ultra Space, The End and I believe the Nether will give a notification to the server.

    When Did The Legendary Spawn/If It's Gone: /ll is a command that anyone can use to see the last three legends to have recently spawned. That includes any that just spawned. It will tell you if it is alive (if active), despawned, caught or defeated and when it happened.

    Where it Spawned: Although it won't tell on WHO it spawned on, you can do /pwiki [pokemon] to see what biomes that legend can spawn in. So for example: You can do /pwiki Mew to see that it spawns in the Jungle M biome. If you are near one then be sure to look around you to see if it is nearby. Hope this helps!