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    New member
    IGN : Temerut
    Discord : E S 99#0315
    Suggestion aimed at : Rank Adjustment and General Play

    Suggestions :

    1. Add Tokens and Ingame Cash to be purchasable in the online Store. ( Example 20 000 Tokens for 20$ or 200 000$ (ingame) for 20$ ).

    2. Command suggestion for Enchanter ./naturechange so you can select the nature of your pokemon for free since you paid 500$.
    ( Example ./nature { slot # } Adamant ) or ./naturechange where a hud pops up and allows you to select like in the ./pd ).

    3. ./shiny command for Enchanter 7-10 days cooldown. Make a pokemon shiny but no Legendaries.

    4. Add ./warp Warzone where the spawn chance of Legendary, Rare and Shiny pokemon is so much higher but whenever you see a player you get put in a battle and the winner has to chose one pokemon from the team of the losing side. With a restriction - ( U can warp there only with a full team of pokemon all level 100 ).

    5. Add Shrines for Legendaries at Spawn.

    6. Better leveling up system for pokemon. It should be the same as the EV training warp, but with higher npcs and floors. As an example there should be a floor with an NPC Trainer with a team of level 50 pokemon. The next floor - level 60 pokemon. All the way til level 100. 5 Pokemon per trainer.
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