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    As Scarlet & Violet slowly approaches next month, it got me thinking: we have many variations of forms and moves with Mega Evolution, Z-Crystals, Dyna/Gigntamax, and the new Terastal coming soon. What if we take a step back and hear some ideas for Pokemon that should have gotten their own form or could have gotten their own dedicated Z-Crystal?

    Did you want Flygon to have its very own mega evolution and stone?
    Perhaps believe Mimikyu needed its own Z-Crystal?
    Or maybe you wanted Zamazenta & Zacian to get their own Gigantamax forms?

    Tell me what ideas you have or ones that you would have loved to see during each of these times. I would love to hear some of your ideas and concepts!


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    If Zacian gets a Z-Crystal, mega or Dmax/Gmax they will literally be unstoppable. I personally think Eevee should get their own Megastone to potentially double it's stats as Eevee is quite lackluster. Else Eternatus should get their own Z-Crystal which makes Dynamax Cannon into Darkest Day (referring to the event, Darkest Day where Eternatus rose). I kind of want this due to Eternatus not having it's own unique thing (other than Eternamax Form) as Zacian/Zamazenta have their Sword/Shield or give Eternatus a held item giving it the possibility of becoming Eternamax Eternatus when used that will last for 2 turns as it's stats are beyond crazy.