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    IGN: GhostyKo
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    One of the many problems I see from an average player is that rare candies or exp leveling items are very difficult to get if they don't have high leveled Pokémon, or grinding their low level Pokémon's is to difficult, or if they are just a new fresh player.

    - An easy way is to have npc that have 6 Blisseys (set to level 100) since it gives the most exp out of all Pokémon.
    - Blisseys should have no attacking moves so it won't be able to kill the players Pokémon.

    Thank you for reading! Yes it might seem like over powered or to easy for new trainers to have a free level grinder. But what makes a game enjoyable for a average player, also it creates happiness for the player that is new, or just a player who is been playing for awhile, to have a level 100 Pokémon or when their Pokémon finally evolve.