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  • The /warp gyms buff is problematic


    New member
    Hi, my IGN is MCH_FLS, discord is Dawid Zawadziński#8444 and I've noticed the desing and balance problem with buff on the gym leaders.

    TL;DR: Making gym leaders legendary threat with 140lvl UBERs is too harsh even when they didnt get back ability to switch their mons, it killed the theme of bringing the counters for the type specific gyms, while rewards for these didn't change.

    Can I suggest reverting the gym leaders to lvl 120 or at least giving them back ability to switch mons with that? Things like lvl 140 landorus is kinda ridiculous (at least on pixie where players are mostly free to play and dont have perfect ivs legendaries to even try countering these leaders)

    I feel like lvl 120 leaders when they could switch their mons were hard enough even for most experienced players, lvl 120 without ability to switch made it easier for the strongest teams and new players still needed to grind for that.

    The least we could ask for is raising the rewards for them with this lvl of difficulty, tho it doesnt fix the problem where noone on the server can beat most of the gyms +there are still rng effects on most of their leads like flinch and burn.

    The best thing about the gyms was that you needed to have specific counters or luck with some set-up strategies, and this is gone now when you need to face different 140lvl mons that arent even the same types as the theme of the gym.