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  • /gift and /giftbox commands


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    • What is your IGN? Strexy
    • What is your Discord (ex. Fawks#0001)? Strexx#1234
    • Where is your suggestion aimed? Earth Blue and Red
    • What is your suggestion? My suggestion is two commands that have the same function: /giftbox (PlayerName) and /gift (PlayerName) where you can gift players whatever you want. (I add a lot more details if you scroll down)
    • Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us?
    For example, i want to gift FawksX (i can choose any player) . So i use the command /gift FawksX or /giftbox FawksX Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.19.22.png

    Then, a menu could appear with 27 slots that FawksX can claim whenever he wants to:

    Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.24.02.png

    And once i'm done putting my gifts into the player's giftbox, i can close the menu and something in the chat can say:
    Giftbox ->
    You have successfully sent your gifts to FawksX!

    So when FawksX logs on the server, one of the 1st things he will see in the chat is:
    Giftbox -> You have received gifts from players! Use the command /giftbox to claim them!
    So then, FawksX uses the command /giftbox to claim his gifts.

    I also think its a great idea for people to be able to choose whether their gift says it is from them or if its from an anonymous person


    /gift (PlayerName) - Opens (PlayerName)'s Gift box

    /giftbox (PlayerName) - Opens (PlayerName)'s Gift box

    /giftbox - Opens the person who used the command's gift box (example: You use /giftbox means you open YOUR gift box.)

    Thanks for reading! :D

    (I used FawksX as an example but the main idea was for anyone to gift whoever they want to.)


    • Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.22.00.png
      Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.22.00.png
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    realy nice idea and can make giving and receiving gifts on both the vanilla servers a lot cooler I hope this gets approved good luck :)