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  • /lore re-addition

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    • What is your IGN? - Zippy365
    • What is your Discord (ex. Fawks#0001)? - Zippy365#1256
    • Where is your suggestion aimed? - Earth servers, Removed alpha command /lore
    • What is your suggestion? - My suggestion is to re-add /lore to any of the ranks as it was removed about a year ago due to exploitation of people trying to make fake keys but i say you bring it back but, stop it from working on tripwire hooks so people can't make fake keys similar to how you can't /rename spawners or tripwire hooks anymore
    • Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us? - I do not


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    Lore wont be re-added as there is too much abuse that takes place as a result of its addition.

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