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  • pw utility.


    • What is your IGN? kiki124
    • What is your Discord (ex. Fawks#0001)? kiki124#4684
    • Where is your suggestion aimed? Vanilla servers- earth Red and Blue.
    • What is your suggestion? My suggestion is to make all of the commands available with /pwarp (warp, rate, create delete etc) available after /pw as well.
    • Have you got any examples or mockups which you could show us? Lots of times when players are advertising their business in chat with custom renames the rename has a very strict maximum length and so each extra letter can help so for example /pw warp XPemeralds and /pwarp warp XPemeralds will do the same thing and so the player advertising could also put maybe a bit of extra information, (XPemeralds was only used as an example for a pwarp).