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  • Official EnchantMC Official Pixelmon Rules

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    EnchantMC Official Pixelmon Rules
    The official rules of the server can be viewed below. Rules are necessary for Enchant in order to provide the best experience possible for our players and to allow for a safe and fun environment. Staff are able to punish at their own discretion as needed in certain situations. If you believe that the punishment that was given was unfair, however, feel free to create a ticket in our discord through our #support channel or by filling out a ban appeal.

    Server Rules
    1. Do not spam in the chat or in other players/staff members DM's or mail.​
    2. All forms of griefing are not allowed on the server.​
    3. Inappropiate builds are not allowed on the server.​
    4. Usage of hacked clients are not allowed, allowed modifications are linked below.​
    5. Advertising is not allowed.​
    6. You may not use more than 4 alts, alts are not allowed to be used to boost your main account.​
    7. Use of racial, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or other bigoted comments is not allowed.​
    8. Do not build or claim within 30 blocks of another's claim without their permission.​
    9. Harassment or toxicity towards others is not permitted.​
    10. Keep swearing to a minimum.​
    11. GTS Baiting (Selling an item at a low price, and then posting the same item at a higher price, is an example of gts baiting) is not allowed.​
    12. Dex trading (Trading pokemon for dex entries) is not allowed.​
    13. Ban/Mute Evasion is not allowed.​
    14. Abusing exploits (block glitching, duplication etc.) is not allowed.​
    15. Creating lag machines is not allowed.​
    16. Inappropiate skins, names, or nicks are not allowed.​
    17. Sharing other players personal information (doxxing) is not allowed.​
    18. Impersonation of staff members is not allowed.​
    19. Do not set homes on other players claims without permission.​
    20. Do not attempt to begin server riots.​
    21. Scamming other players is not allowed.​
    22. Trades outside of the store (i.e. paypal, in-game items for steam games etc.) are disallowed.​
    23. Death threats, suicide jokes and jokes related to terrorism are not allowed.​
    24. Player killing (without permission) is not allowed.​
    25. Advertising of Casinos is not allowed.​
    Illegal Mods
    1. Hacked clients and other gameplay enhancing mods not listed here.​
    2. X-Ray​
    3. Scenter Mod​
    4. Autoclickers​
    5. Pokeradar​
    6. Forgewurst​
    Allowed Mods
    1. Schematica (printer is allowed)
    2. Optifine
    3. Lighting mods
    4. Minimaps such as journeymap
    5. Non-gameplay enhancing mods
    6. Shaders
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