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At EnchantMC, we have a number of rules our players must follow in order to play to create a safe environment for all players. Make sure to study these below:

Please note, this list is not exhaustive and you may still be removed from the network if caught breaking the rules.
Similarly, being a Supporter of the server through our Store does not make you exempt from these rules.

Server Rules

  1. All discussion/chats must be kept appropriate, use common sense, controversial topics and discussions are disallowed. If you are unsure of any rule, contact a staff member.
  2. All items, playerwarps, nicknames and other nameable areas of the network must be appropriate.
  3. Slurs, Discrimination, hate speech, suicidal jokes or any other negative "ism" is disallowed on the network
  4. Swearing is allowed on our network, with the exception of targeted/profiling/slur related-words. If you are unsure if a word is appropriate, don't say it
  5. Harassment/Bullying/Threatening is disallowed
  6. Advertising outside of EnchantMC links and services is disallowed
  7. Inappropriate skins/names or builds are not prohibited on the server
  8. English is required in public chat. (Other languages can be used in /msg or alternative chats)
  9. Illegal modifications, Hacked Clients, Exploiting bugs are not allowed. If you find a bug/glitch this should be reported on discord.
  10. Duping or other means to gain an advantage over other players can result in long-term bans.
  11. Do not scam, grief or otherwise steal players' equipment/property, this includes pokemon that spawn on other players, bases, and raid dens.
  12. DOXing and DDOSing is strictly forbidden and revealing private information about players will have necessary action taken.
  13. Do not bypass punishments - If you are caught, your punishment will be extended by 4x the prior amount
  14. Impersonation of players and staff members is disallowed
  15. IRL Deals (exchanging items for cash) is disallowed, other than for items/gift cards through our store.
  16. Do not claim next to another player in order to prevent expansion, any builds within 3 chunks of another player can be removed by the player with the oldest claim.
  17. Player Trapping/TP Killing is not tolerated.
  18. If a player asks that you leave their claim, you must leave their claim.
  19. Do not post fake, renamed items on GTS in order to scam other players, GTS baiting items is also not allowed, this includes selling multiple items at a low cost and then selling an item at an overpriced price.
  20. Do not start arguments with other players, create riots within the server, or create disruption within the server, if you would like to report a player, use #pixelmon-support or #vanilla-support.
  21. Alternative accounts may not be used to boost a main account.
  22. Claims can be removed within 90d of inactivity.
  23. Disrespectful language towards other players/staff is disallowed.
  24. Casinos are disallowed, as per Mojang's EULA
  25. Lavacasting/cobble monsters are not allowed.

This is not an exhaustive rules list, and our staff may still punish at discretion of the wrongdoings. If you would like to appeal a punishment, you can do so on our discord.

Discord Rules

The Discord rules are also visible at all times in #rules-and-info.

- Do not spam in the channels
- Inappropriate discussion is not tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly - Be respectful to everyone
- Do not publicise your issues in public channels. We have lots of tickets to deal with and will respond ASAP
- If you require support make a ticket
- Do not advertise on EnchantMC platforms - it is not allowed
- Staff can punish at their own discretion
- Have fun!

All NSFW and otherwise obscene content is disallowed on Discord alongside our other platforms.